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● CT Scan● Digital Guide for flapless insertion(leran more) Surgery is Safer and Faster in this technique● Implant Fixture● Implant Abutment(Titanium)● Ceramic Crown CAD/CAM made● $2400 for all five steps ($3100 Value)Cheaper service is available for $2099( with PFM Crown)


The Same Day Ceramic Crowns and Veneers

● Digital Impression● Digital Design (Learn More)● Digitally Milled Ceramic Crowns● All $849 and Just Single Visit( $1300 value)● No Second Visit, No Temporary Crown


Root Canal Treatment

● Protaper Gold Rotary System● Front Teeth $600 ($750 value)● Premolars $750 ($950 value)● Molars $850 ($1050 value)


All on X Implants 

Free Consult With Online appointment● CT Scan● 4 to 6 Implant Fixtures● Implant Supported Zirconia teeth( Not Acrylic teeth)● ALL just for $13900 per Jaw


Full Jaw Implant supported Bridge

Free Consult With Online appointment● CT Scan● 6 to 8 implants● Implant Supported Zirconia Crowns● ALL just for $16900 per Jaw


Digital Smile Design

 $199($500 Value) You Will Receive:● Intraoral 3D Scaning● 3D Xrays( If it's needed)● Two Smile Designs● 3D print Models

We Accept




HMO Cigna

CARE CREDIT(Learn more)

Please Attach Your Insurance Information On Appointment Form To Verify Eligibility

Services We Provide

Digital Xrays

    Digital 2D Xray
    CT Scan
    Panoramic Xray

CEREC Crowns

    Digitally and single visit Crowns, Veneers & Onlays (Perfect shade , anatomy and more natural)
    Lab Made Ceramic Crowns
    Lab Made Metal and PFM Crowns

Root Canal Treatment

    Single Visit Root Canal and Crown
    Minimum Morbidity


    Comprehensive Oral Exam
    Limited Exam
    Periodic Exam


    White fillings
    Cerec Made Inlays and Onlays
    Silver Fillings


    Implant Supported Crowns
    Implant Supported Bridge
    Implant Supported Bridge

Digitally Guided Implants

    Flapless Surgery
    Minimum Error
    Minimum Morbidity

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Our Patients Say

Our Patients Say

Great dentist, very honest and kind. I don't recommend going anywhere else, consult with him you wont regret it.

Jamas S

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 In This case is Making a Ceramic Crown with CEREC scanner and milling machine. Traditional crowns are made by impression and normally takes three weeks. Advantage of this system is very accurate shade, very good Crown fitness , No need to second visit or injection . No need to temporary crown  

Patients walked in with old filling and tooth fracture. With traditional system this patient will need full crown. But with CEREC system we are able to do single visit onlay (parttial crown) and no needed to full crown. So we can save more tooth structure



High tech office with 2D and 3D digital xrayFully Digitalized Implant Navigator


Cerec machine whitch has ability to make crown, Bridges, Veneers in 20 minutes, No second visit , No second Injection, No Impressions with ultra fast intraoral scanner


Get your crown or veneer done less than 90 minutes No needed to temporary veneers or crowns.


Ability to design and perform smile just in 4 or 5 hours. NO SECOND VISIT


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